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The 8 channel CWDM passive MUX and DEMUX modules deliver the benefits of a Coarse Wave Division Multiplexer in a fully passive solution. With matching MUX/DEMUX units placed at each end of an optical link, up to 8 data channels can be combined and transmitted over a single-mode fiber trunk. It covers all channels from 1270nm to 1610nm in 20nm increments, widely used in access networks.

The HT6000-OD/OM8 is ideal for increasing the fiber capacity between two sites without the need for installing or leasing additional fibers. The HT6000-OD/OM8 may be used as a standalone tabletop device or mounted in 1-unit space of a 19” data rack. It can achieve bi-directional 4 ch data transmission. The complete passive solution requires no power cabling and no configuration; it is a true plug and plays solution.

It can achieve bi-directional 4CH data transmission
Low Insertion Loss
Wide passband
High Channel Isolation
High Stability and reliability
1U 19'' low profile modular design
Compliant to ITU-T G.694.2 standard and Telcordia GR1209, GR1221
Standard 18-channel CWDM band 1270 nm - 1610 nm, 20 nm spacing
Based on thin-film filter technology
Passive, no electric power required. (MTBF ca. 500 years)

CWDM transmission
Metro and long-haul networks
Point-to-point CWDM fiber optimization
Linear add/drop CWDM fiber optimization


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