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The HT6000-AAWG402-mon from HTF is a combined passive forty-channel 100GHz DWDM multiplexer and de-multiplexer (MUX & DEMUX) in a single 1U solution. It may be used in pairs or in combination with any other vendor's ITU grid-compliant DWDM MUX/DEMUX. It is ideal for increasing the fiber capacity between two sites without the need for installing or leasing additional fibers. The HT6000-AAWG402-mon may be used as a standalone tabletop device or mounted in 1-unit space of a 19” data rack. The complete passive solution requires no power cabling and no configuration; it is a true plug and plays solution.
40 Channel 100 GHz DWDM combined Multiplexer and Demultiplexer (MUX & DEMUX)
Standalone compact form factor-1U, Installation friendly
Plug'n play: requires no configuration
Green product: completely passive, needs no power and no cooling
Low insertion loss, insertion loss ≤6dB, typ 4.5dB
Uniform insertion loss variation over the 40-channels - less than 1dB (typical 0.6dB)per MUX or DeMUX

DWDM transmission
Metro and long-haul networks
Point-to-point DWDM fiber optimization
Linear add/drop DWDM fiber optimization


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